Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In Preschool this week Alex has been learning about frogs, so they have been doing crafts and stories to go along with the lessons.  Everyday on our walk home I ask Alex what he does at school and if he had fun.  This week Alex has talked about what frogs do (hopping, eating, swimming etc.), and Carter is always listening intently to Alex's stories.  Tonight after book I hear Carter calling for me.  When I go in to see what he wants he says that he wants to tell me something, so I go over to his bed.  He leans in and whispers "did you know frogs jump a lot into their holes?".  "Frogs jump really hard."
He wants to be so grown up, just like his brother.  A few more years and he will be in school too.  This time with the boys being small is going by too fast.

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  1. Oh my goodness, it's crazy how fast this is going by. I think it's adorable hearing about how Carter wants to be grown up like Alex :) That's just so neat to see the brother bonding there.

    Phinneas is dying to mimic everything that Isaac does! From wearing shoes, to coloring, to playing with rocks, etc, etc, etc...Little Bro wants to be just like Big Bro. It's beautiful to see, but the baby stage is soo over now. Sad for us mommies :(