Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The boys have been telling on each other a lot lately.  It seemed like every couple of minutes one of them would come to me and say "he hit me" or "he is standing on the toy box."  I told them to quit tattling on each other and tell that person to stop, if they are bothering them.
Later that day Carter came into my room with an over sized book he had been looking at, under his arm and he said "Alex just wrecked my time."  It made me laugh on the inside.  I told him to tell Alex to stop bothering him, and if that doesn't work to come and tell me again.

I hope they get to the point where they can deal with these little problems on their own.  I don't mind if they tell me if someone is hurting someone or themselves, but when they tell on every insignificant thing, it is tiring.

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