Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 Just as the boys and I were going outside to play Alex says to me, "I am so excited to lose all of my teeth."  I didn't think anything of it, because the boys always have random comments.  Later, when grandpa came over to help fly a kite I heard him say "what happened to your tooth?"  I immediately thought that he got hit and his tooth got knocked out, so in a worried voice I said "Alex, what happened to your tooth.  Where is it?"  He looked at me nervously and said "it just fell out."  After I told him that it's not his fault and it is okay to lose teeth, he went in the living room and picked up his tooth he lost and gave it to me.  Then, I had him put it in his tooth box (a little alligator that holds teeth) on his dresser and now is waiting for the Tooth Fairy to take his tooth and leave some money for him.

 Once he realized it is okay to lose teeth he was pretty excited about his first tooth coming out.

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