Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Shots!

Today I took Carter in for a wellness check and shots, because somehow we got behind with giving immunizations.  Having 32 shots is crazy, and most of them are before preschool.
We were in the waiting room for a long time, because as usual they were running behind.  It doesn't seem to matter what doctor's office, they are always behind.  After we got into the room and Carter got his vitals taken he was ready to go home.  I was able to get him to play hide Woody (from Toy Story) and that kept him entertained until the doctor came in.  She did the wellness exam then the nurses came in with the needles.  I was told to lean over him and hold his arms in case he struggled; that is the hardest thing a mom has to do.  When he got his first shots (one in each leg at the same time) he looked at me with sad eyes and cried "that hurts mommy".  I felt like the worst mom in the world, and my face was the only face he could see the entire time.  The only thing I could say was "it's almost over", and after it was over I told him he was such a big boy.  Just before we left they gave him a sticker, then we walked to Grandma Sylvie's office (in the hospital) and she gave him a treat.
After 5 shots:

I have a feeling he is going to take a very long nap today.

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