Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sell our house.....what??

We are house sitting for some friends while they are away on vacation.  My husband Kyle and Alex went over yesterday to check on things and feed their cat.  While Kyle was watering plants and checking the cat Alex was playing on their swing set which has a rope to swing on.  When Alex was playing with the rope he was yelling over to Kyle saying "watch this daddy, this is going to be awesome."  After he swung the rope around he said "no, that wasn't awesome". Then he threw it again saying "nope, that one wasn't awesome either."  Finally by the third or fourth throw (which looked the exact same) he said "That was it, that was the one, that was awesome!"
Then on the way home he looked at Kyle and said "Daddy we need to sell our house so we can have one with a rope."  To which Kyle said "we can put a rope on our swing set."  "Nope, we need one with a rope already on it" Alex said.
Kyle then told him that houses cost a lot of money and he asked Alex if he had a lot of money to buy a house. Alex then tells daddy that Grandma has a lot of money in her kitchen. When Kyle asks how much money she has he tells him "its a whole lot, like five quarters."
They have such a different outlook on life and money than the adults do.  It is refreshing.

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  1. Love your blog (nice template design!) and this story made laugh. I love how kids look at the world. :)

    Take care,