Monday, August 15, 2011


Today was a beautiful day so I spent most of it outside with the boys.  While they did chalk and played in the front yard I started to work in my flower beds.  After awhile the boys wanted to play in the back yard on the swings; they were being good so I let them.  I checked on them every once in awhile and I could hear them chasing each other and laughing.  Then they got very quiet and I heard bang, bang, bang. I ran over to where the noise came from and there they were throwing rocks at the house; a foot from the garage window.  They were both scolded and sent to their rooms.
What possessed boys to throw rocks at a house?  I was so furious and frustrated that I had trusted them to be a little independent and they disappointed me.
Please tell me they will grow out of the stage of destroying.

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