Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Why are the fish floating like that?"

Yesterday morning my son Alex (4years old) woke up to find the fish in the dining room were dead and floating at the top of the tank.  He didn't know they were dead, but he knew there was something wrong.  He asked me "why are the fish floating like that", so I told him that daddy replaced too much of the fish water with tap water (which has too much chlorine). I assured him that we would get more to replace them.  He seemed okay with that, but a little while later he was moping around. When I asked him what was wrong he said "I don't want them to be dead". He was on the verge of tears; I reassured him that we would get more that day.
About fifteen minutes later Carter (2 years old) woke up and was eating breakfast with Alex in the dining room.  His first comment was "the fish are looking good" and the second after he said that Alex looks over at carter with disgust and says "Carter, they're dead".
I just about died laughing.
The fish have all been replaced and I hope they all have the same names as the other fish.

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