Monday, August 22, 2011

"I found a popeye"

The boys had a dentist appointment the other day; they did a great job of holding still and keeping their mouths open so the dentist could look at their teeth.  The dentist said that Carters teeth were starting to move forward because he uses a pacifier (we call it a popeye), so I was told to take it away.
That is easy for him to say when we are the ones that have to listen to him cry at bedtime.  It has been a battle at times and other times he goes right to sleep, but nap time has been more difficult.  Yesterday he was down for nap and my husband heard a lot of rustling around coming from Carters room so he went to check on him.  When he opened the door the first thing Carter said was "I found a popeye."  Then Kyle looked over and saw a huge pile of Kleenex on the ground.  The box was way up on his dresser at the back; I had put his popeye in there as a quick hiding place.  He must have pulled out his dresser drawers and climbed up to get it, but the funny part is he never saw me put it in there.
Kyle came down stairs and showed me the huge pile of Kleenex and said "did you hide a popeye in his Kleenex box?"  When I told him "yes" he said "don't hide them in his room, he can smell them."
So today I spent my morning refolding the Kleenex in a pile and putting them back in the box (I couldn't waste a whole box of Kleenex), and I found a better hiding spot for the popeyes.

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